Recruiting Participants for Your jsPsych Qualtrics Experiments

The best advantage of using Qualtrics is that many participant recruiting services already offer easy tutorials for integrating Qualtrics with their services.

One important thing that you must check is how participant IDs are handled, which varies from one service to another. In this tutorial, Saving Data with PHP, the Embedded Data workerId is determine the file name of each participant's experiment data. Should you use another name, you should also replace workerId with the name you use in the Qualtrics code var sbj_id = "${e://Field/workerId}";.

Before launching your experiment, DOUBLE CHECK if the experiment files are saved with correct participant ID. The beauty and peril of online experiments is the speed of data collection and thus the speed of spending money.

Participant recruiting services and their Qualtrics integration tutorial

I will keep adding the list below. If I missed something, please shoot me an email to choe_DOT_kyoung_AT_gmail_DOT_com. Thanks!