Experiment and Compensation Guide

In each trial of the choose-and-solve task, you will be provided two options; solve either an easy problem with low reward or solve a hard problem with high reward. In easy problems, we expect that you will get more than 90% correct. In hard problems, the difficulty is adaptive to your competence, so that you will perform at about 70% correct for both word and math problems. You should choose what type of problem you want to solve within 3 seconds, otherwise you will be directed to the easy problem. Then, you will be presented with a problem of your choice, which you have to solve within 7 seconds. You will earn the points if you get the problem correct.

The choose-and-solve task consists of practice word and math problems, choice-making practice, and five main blocks of 28 trials each, i.e., 140 main trials. The points you earned in the main blocks will be converted into cash bonus at the exchange rate of 1₵/point. The maximum point you can earn from those blocks is 540, so the maximum bonus on top of the base compensation ($2.00) are $7.40. For example, if you score 400 points, your total compensation will be $6.00. So, maximize your earnings by maximizing your points!

Finally, please do not use a smartphone or calculator. We are interested in how people do these problems without any extra help.


Suggestions for using keys

Press the "i" key to select options presented on the left side of the screen, the "o" key to select options presented in the middle of the screen, and the "p" key to select options presented on the right side of the screen. An example of how you should place your fingers on the keyboard is pictured below.


After a short break, please click Next Button to proceed. You will begin with the practice problems.